Master Program in French Literature and Language


Programme Profile

The program aims to train competent theoretical language specialists and littéature French, linguistics, translation studies, semiotics, comparative and foreign language teaching French literature.

Qualification Awarded

The students who have completed this program with success, get the Master's degree in French Language and Literature.

Level of Qualification

It is a program of Graduate Studies.

Access Requirements

Having a bachelor's degree (first cycle) have a minimum score of 65 points in ALES (Examination for the academic staff and access to post-graduate education) or a minimum score of 660 points (152 points according to the new system) the quantitative section of the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or a minimum score of 483 points on the GMAT (Graduate Management aptitude Test) aptitude have a minimum score of 70 points for the exam organized by the French language Galatasaray University or a minimum score of 70 points in french at UDS (Qualifying Examination foreign language Interuniversity Council) or a minimum score of 70 points in French KPDS (Qualifying Examination in a foreign language for staff public service). Those who have the DELF B2 and DALF C1 and graduates of Galatasaray University are considered to have fulfilled the terms of knowledge of the French language. The candidate must pass in the oral and written examinations that are organized by the Department of Comparative Linguistics and Applied Foreign Languages ​​(French Language and Literature).

Programme Requirements and Regulations

The master's degree in French Language and Littératue is awarded to students who have successfully completed all required and elective courses of the program and the required number of elective courses (60 ECTS) with a grade point average of 2.75 on 4.00, a Master's thesis (60 ECTS).

Recognition of Prior Learning

Programme Outcomes

1 Mastering written and spoken French at C1 level.
2 Acquire the theoretical and methodological knowledge in the field of teaching the french as a foreign language.
3 Get the competence of write the teaching methods of french as a foreign language.
4 Being able to translate especially literary texts from the French to Turkish and theTurkish to French.
5 Being able to use the methods of textual and discursive analysis and apply them to various corpus.
6 Make the contrastive studies in the field of Francophones literatures.
7 Make linguistic descriptions from different natural languages.
8 Being able to do the cultural research and cultural studies.
9 Being able to do analyzes of literary semiotics.
10 The skills required in the pressl: translation (theme and version), produce and edit text.

Occupation Profiles of Graduates

Students who have successfully completed the master's program in French Language and Literature can pursue doctoral programs, designed to meet the need for qualified academic staff of universities. In addition, graduates of the program will find the opportunity to use their foreign language skills in publishers and translation companies, and they can also work for public institutions, print and visual media.

Access to Further Studies

The graduates of this program can apply to doctoral programs (Postgraduate).

Grading Scheme and Grade Distribution Guidance

For each course, students receive one of the notes in the following letters:



A student who receives notes "AA", "BA" or "BB" is considered successful. Students who receive notes "CB" or "CC" are also considered successful as long as their grade point average is equal to or greater than "2.75". The "F" indicates failure. Note "BL" is awarded to a student who successfully completed the seminar or master's thesis, while "BS" means the non-success of the seminar or master's thesis. Note "AI" indicates the non-student success "unexpected" and note "NP" indicates the non-success of the student who is "not present" in the final exam.

Grade point average (GPA): Credit points corresponding to a course are calculated by multiplying the scores by the number of ECTS credits. To calculate the GPA, the amount of credit points obtained in all courses taken by a student is divided by the sum of ECTS credits.


Letter Grades











Notes Numbers











Mode of Study

presence teaching


Head of Department (or equivalent): Yrd. Doç. Dr.Atilla DEMİRCİOĞLU
Adress: Galatasaray Üniversitesi
Çırağan Cad. No:36, 34349 Ortaköy/İstanbul
Telephone: 0212 227 44 80

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