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Language policy at Galatasaray University

Galatasaray University is a francophone institution that requires a good master of the French language from its students.

The French learning system of non-francophone students in the first two years of their studies has been improved through a reform introduced in 2009. This system is entirely free of charge and includes one year of preparatory class and credited French courses in the first year of the undergraduate program.

The majority of courses offered in various faculties and departments is in French. However, the specificity of certain disciplines requires the teaching of some courses-partly or entirely-in Turkish. There is also a limited number of courses offered in English by some departments. The teaching language of each course is indicated on the ECTS course catalogue on line.

Foreign language learning constitutes an important priority for Galatasaray University. Consequently, the University offers the possibility of taking (mandatory) English, German or Spanish courses at various levels to students who are exempt from French (that is, if they are already francophone).

The minimum required level of language proficiency as well as the capacity to improve linguistic competence are taken into account throughout the candidate selection process for various exchange programsé.

For incoming exchange students, the prior knowledge of French is a requirement so that they can benefit fully from the courses offered at Galatasaray University. Moreover, ECTS-credited Turkish courses are offered (4 hours per week totalling 50 hours per semester) with a view to improve their adaptation to social and cultural life in Istanbul.

For more information on other foreign languages offered at Galatasaray go to: Foreign Languages Department
For more information on preparatory classes go to: FLE
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