Political Science


Programme Profile

Political Science Bachelor’s Programme focuses on teaching students the skills and knowledges to comprehend various aspects of national and global political life with an interdisciplinary approach. The main objective of the program is to provide students with the necessary theoretical and analytical tools for analyzing the political system, institutions and processes, and their relationship with the society. Developing skills and competences as critical reasoning, effective communication, political literacy and ethical understanding in students is one of its fundamental aims. With French as the language of education and a second language requirement, the graduates acquire the necessary equipments and language skills to express themselves effectively in a global world.

Qualification Awarded

The students who have successfully completed this programme are awarded the Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Level of Qualification

This is a First Cycle programme.

Access Requirements

Programme Requirements and Regulations

The Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science is awarded to students who have successfully completed all the compulsory courses in the curriculum and the required number of elective courses in their chosen area of interest on the condition that they have obtained a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 out of 4.00. The minimum number of ECTS credits required for graduation is 240.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Programme Outcomes

1 Understanding the major theories, concepts, foundations, and methodologies used in the study of politics.
2 Identifying the structure and operation of the political system in Turkey and other political systems in the world.
3 Identifying and gathering information from credible primary and secondary sources; analyzing and synthesizing the acquired knowledge.
4 Generating and testing empirically hypotheses about political processes, institutions, mechanisms and relationships.
5 Designing, conducting and interpreting the results of original research in accordance with the scientific and ethical principles by using basic research methods.
6 Showing awareness and sensivity towards issues related to democracy, human rights and social peace.
7 Appraising the sources of societal conflict and how they can be resolved by political means.
8 Examining critically the nature of change in the global political community, and the complex character of processes such as globalization.
9 Taking a role in a teamwork in political science and general fields of other related disciplines.
10 Following publications in foreign languages and communicating with the colleagues in the international environment by using French which is the language of education in Galatasaray University and English, the compulsory foreign language.
11 Using required level of information and communication technologies.

Occupation Profiles of Graduates

The multidisciplinary approach and the diversity of knowledge transmitted by this program expand employment opportunities for the graduates at both national and international level. The program promotes the pursuit of graduate studies to follow academic careers. In addition to the academic opportunities, the graduates are offered facilities such as working in the public and private sector as seniors or in international organizations. Taking part in civil service, local authorities, public and private institutions such as banks and the media sector, diplomatic and international organizations can be enlisted as examples of different career paths for the graduates.

Access to Further Studies

The students graduated from this programme may apply to Master (Second Cycle) programmes.

Grading Scheme and Grade Distribution Guidance

Mode of Study

This is a full-time programme.


Head of Department (or equivalent): Prof. Dr. Yeşeren ELİÇİN ARIKAN
Adress: Çırağan Cad. 36
Ortaköy 34357 İstanbul
Telephone: 00902122274480
E-Mail: yelicin@gsu.edu.tr

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