French Language and Literature


Programme Profile

Qualification Awarded

Level of Qualification

Access Requirements

Programme Requirements and Regulations

Recognition of Prior Learning

Programme Outcomes

1 Acquire competence in written French C1
2 Acquisition of speaking proficiency in French at level C1
3 Being able to translate from French to Turkish at all levels of language.
4 Being able to translate from Turkish to French at all levels of language.
5 Being able to analyze texts of various kinds and levels.
6 Being able to make cross-cultural studies.
7 To teach French literature.
8 Being able to descriptions of languages ​​starting with the contemporary linguistic theories.
9 Being able to teach French as a foreign language.
10 Having acquired the Spanish language and literature.

Occupation Profiles of Graduates

Access to Further Studies

Grading Scheme and Grade Distribution Guidance

Mode of Study


Head of Department (or equivalent):

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