Maritime Transportation and Management


Programme Profile

The Program for Marine Transportation and Management has been established to train the Deck Watchkeeping Officers required by the marine trading sector. The curriculum of the courses is being prepared according to the criteria included in the A-II/1 Deck Watchkeeping Officers training curriculum and by the Higher Education Council and included in the Seafarers’ Training and Examination Directive and included in the International Marine Contracts “Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW)”.

Qualification Awarded

Students who successfully complete this program shall be entitled to get the Vocational School of Higher Education, Galatasaray University

Level of Qualification

This is a two-year teaching and training program

Access Requirements

The Program for Marine Transportation and Management is continuing its activities in the scope of the Vocational and Technical Educational Region project. Pursuant to the Vocational and Technical Educational Region project, the preferential criterion when evaluating the students to be accepted for the program by the Student Selection and Placement Center without exams is that the vocational high school that the student has been graduated from is located in the Istanbul Region. The graduates of Anadolu Technical High Schools and Vocational High Schools shall be preferred in the second place.

Programme Requirements and Regulations

To be accepted in this program, students must graduate from the educational programs they are registered in by taking at least CC in all the courses foreseen. The minimum number of credits that should be won for graduation is 120 under the European Credit Transfer System.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students being trained in the Vocational School of Higher Education in Galatasaray University can be exempted from some of the courses in the frame of certain regulations. Provided that the curriculum of a course taken from another educational organization is compliant with the course given in Galatasaray University and exemption is approved by the relevant Vocational School Directorate, the student can be exempted from this course.

Programme Outcomes

1 Performing the applications related to the seamanship training in the international standards determined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
2 Being fluent in the international maritime concepts
3 Being familiar with the global maritime trade and its structure
4 Being able to use the Maritime Professional Terms in English
5 Being familiar with the different types of vessel definitions
6 Knowing and using the general maritime law
7 Being familiar with the organizational structures of international maritime organizations
8 Being familiar with the different types of ship

Occupation Profiles of Graduates

The graduates continue working in the vessels of the Turkish Merchant Marine Fleet.

Access to Further Studies

The graduates of this program can apply for vertical transfer to be educated in four-year programs.

Grading Scheme and Grade Distribution Guidance

The final grade of the students for one course in the higher education organization is determined with the relative evaluation method. According to the relative evaluation method, the final grade is determined by the educational staff member who had given the course based on the success of the student within his/her studies within the semester together with the final exam mark at the end of the semester or in the make-up exam by also considering the general success level of the class. When calculating the final grades of the students who did not take the final exam or make-up exam, the exam mark of the final exam or make-up exam shall be entered as zero (0). The final grades and their numerical equivalents are as follows:
    Final Grade     Numerical Value
            AA                   4,00
            BA                   3,50
            BB                   3,00
            CB                   2,50
            CC                   2,00
            F                      0,00
The final grade of a course must be CC as a minimum to be considered successful in that course. For the students who fail a course by taking (F), a make-up exam will be given.

Mode of Study

Students who complete with success all the mandatory courses opened in the department they are registered in and the optional courses and complete the minimal credits announced by the Galatasaray University Senate required for graduation shall be granted the diploma of the relevant program of Vocational School.


Head of Department (or equivalent): Öğr. Gör. Buğra Arda ZİNCİR
Adress: Çırağan Caddesi 36, 34357 Ortaköy/İstanbul Türkiye

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