Non Thesis Master Program in Marketing Communication Managament


Programme Profile

Master of Marketing Communication aims to provide qualified human resources on advertising, public relations and marketing communication.

Qualification Awarded

The students who have succesfully completed this programme

Level of Qualification

This is a graduate programme in Marketing Communication

Access Requirements

To apply for the master's degree in marketing communication candidates have to be 65 points in UDS /YDS or other ınternational foreign language degree.

Programme Requirements and Regulations

Master of Marketing communication degree is awarded to students who have successfully completed all the compulsory courses in the curriculum and the required number of elective courses in their chosen area of interest on the condition that they have obtained a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 out of 4.00. The minimum number of ECTS credits required for graduation is 90.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Successful students who have completed at least one semester in a master program of Galatasaray University or of another higher education institution can be accepted to our program through internal or external transfer within the determined quota framework.

Programme Outcomes

1 The student can ımprove corporate marketing strategies.
2 Student can produce brand management strategies.
3 The student can analyse advertising campaigns.
4 The student have knowledge about research methodes.
5 The student have knowledge about corporate identity and corporate image.
6 The student can follow trends and innovative developpements on communication.
7 Students can gather strategical and analytical thinking skils.

Occupation Profiles of Graduates

The students gruduated of marketing communication will be nominated to work on marketing, retail and corporate communication.

Access to Further Studies

The students graduated from this program may also apply for graduate programs to study.

Grading Scheme and Grade Distribution Guidance

The grade of a student in any course is calculated by the Relative Evaluation System. The students’ success in studies during the semester is calculated by evaluating the final exam grades together with the results of midterm exam(s) and/or other projects, home works, etc while considering the general success level in class. The weight of final exam grade and midterm exam(s) and/or works grades on the final evaluation should be notified in writing by the instructor of the course to the Institute at the beginning of each semester (we should note that the weight of final exam on the final grade shouldn’t be less than 40% and more than 60%). Students will receive one of the following letter grades for each course:

Letter Grade
Grade Points

A student should received at least a letter grade of CC in any course to be considered successful. Following notations can also be used to evaluate exams, projects, home works, seminar courses etc.

Failure- Non present in the final exam

Mode of Study

This is a full time master program wihout thesis


Head of Department (or equivalent): Koordinatör: Prof.Dr. Banu Müjde KARSAK
Adress: Galatasaray Üniversitesi
Çırağan Cad. No:36, 34349 Ortaköy/İstanbul
Telephone: 0212 227 44 80

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