Non Thesis Master Program in Marketing Communication Managament

Advertising and Campaign Analyses(CO-E 541)

Course Code Course Name Semester Theory Practice Lab Credit ECTS
CO-E 541 Advertising and Campaign Analyses 2 3 0 0 3 6
Admission Requirements
Language of Instruction Turkish
Course Type Compulsory
Course Level Masters Degree
Course Instructor(s) Halime YÜCEL BOURSE (Email)
Objective The objective of this course is to give to students the main elements about advertising processes such as advertising concept, advertising development, advertising current situation and advertising mechanisms of persuasion and to offer various tools for advertising campaigns analysis. The course will offer case studies.
Content Advertising definition, advertising institutions, advertising process functioning
Principles of an effective advertising campaign.
Various methods to analyze advertising campaigns.
Case studies
Course Learning Outcomes Students will acquire necessary tools to analyze advertising campaigns.
Teaching and Learning Methods presentations
students presentations
References Paul Rutherford,. Yeni İkonalar, Tr Mustafa K. Gerçeker, İstanbul, Yapı Kredi 1996.
Judith Williamson. Reklamların Dili: Reklamlarda Anlam ve İdeoloji, tr: Ahmet Fethi, Ankara, Ütopya, 2001.
John Tomlinson. Kültürel Emperyalizm, tr. Emrehan Zeybekoğlu, İstanbul, Ayrıntı 1999.
Varda Langholz Leymore, Hidden Myth: Structure&Symbolizm in Advertising, New York, Basic Books Inc., 1975.
Nicolas Riou, Pub Fiction: Société Postmoderne et Nouvelles Tendances Publicitaires, Paris, Editions d’Organisation, 1999.
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Contribution to Overall Grade
  Number Contribution
Toplam 0 0
In-Term Studies
  Number Contribution
Toplam 0 0
No Program Learning Outcomes Contribution
1 2 3 4 5
Activities Number Period Total Workload
Total Workload 0
Total Workload / 25 0,00
Credits ECTS 0
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